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Outstaffing Vs Outsourcing Vs Managed Services

If his department had the authority to institute best practices, it might be able to operate the centers more cheaply than a supplier, which had to earn a profit. Further, he said, until the department found out how inexpensively the centers could be run, it wouldn’t be able to negotiate a good contract with an outside provider. Although you are responsible for documenting the initial requirements and specifications. Your outsourcing provider is in charge of execution and delivery.

The growing importance of artificial intelligence makes companies look to outsource AI-driven projects or want outsourcing service providers to touch up their applications with AI. It can also be used to interpret and decipher unstructured data, decipher the information, and boost efficiency. The task scope highly correlates with the type of problem you want to solve.

IT Outstaffing Model

In 1989, when Eastman Kodak made its landmark decision to outsource the bulk of its IT operations, there were only a handful of large suppliers from which to choose. As a result, organizations have the option of dividing their IT needs into small pieces and awarding them to multiple providers. This approach makes it much less expensive to switch suppliers or to bring a service back in-house if a supplier proves to be disappointing.

Also, a temporary replacement for a full-time employee might be required. This is when the client delegates all responsibilities to a person officially hired by another company . The main problem boils down to the fact that if the channels are not well established, you may have problems with communication and understanding of tasks. This problem is perceived especially acutely when there is a large time difference.

Difference Between Outsourcing And Outstaffing

Here are seven types of IT outsourcing models you should be aware of before signing on with an IT services provider to grow your startup and keep costs down in the process. A single-service or on-demand outsourcing model provides the client with a possibility of paying for a particular service. For example, Agente provides you with a specific service that is not available in-house. The services include usability auditing, product design, and web/mobile development or testing. The main driver for offshoring development work has been the greater availability of developers at a lower cost than in the home country.

  • Also, you need to make sure your partner is aware of these.
  • Of course, it depends on the tasks you plan to cover, but DevOps outsourcing is a solution for those who need expertise, execution, and are not able to cover project management.
  • If they decide to outsource in the future, they will be in a stronger position to evaluate bids and to write a contract that serves their own interests.
  • Apart from software development, a company can turn to outsource to help with their manufacturing, accounting, software development, testing, support or call center, and other digital activities.
  • Also, a temporary replacement for a full-time employee might be required.
  • The procurement agency needs to reduce the overhead costs of the work of the recruitment service, as well as the costs of estimating and charging wages..

Collaboration by universities, industry, and government has slowly produced improvements. Proximity also facilitates in-person interaction regularly and/or when required. The rise of the middle class in China, India and other countries has created markets for the products made in those countries. Just as the U.S. has a «Made in U.S.A.» program, other countries support products made in their countries as well.

By outsourcing non-core functions, companies can reduce their operating costs. This is because outsourcing allows them to take advantage of lower labor costs in other countries and access specialized skills that are not available in-house. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can start comparing provider options. There are a lot of companies out there that offer IT outsourcing services, so you need to make sure you find one that is reputable and has a good track record. Another potential downside of nearshore outsourcing is political instability in the nearby country. This can lead to disruptions in service and increased costs.

Project-based model works well when you have limited in-house engineering force or no team at all. Or when your in-house team is working on the core product, and you want to delegate the development of your second-best product. Dedicated team model means you’re hiring a team of IT specialists to carry out the tasks you don’t want to delegate to the in-house team.

How To Choose The Outsourcing Engagement Model For Your Project

HDWEBSOFT catches up with all technology updates and delivers the best for your project. With over 10 years of experience, HDWEBSOFT provides all major areas of IT Outstaffing Services. Share your ideas and expectations with us, specify the project requirements. Dedicated resources can start with only one person and should not necessarily be a developer. Standard time and material contract includes the warranty period, 30 days as a rule. It covers fixing of all the functionality flaws and bugs that have been discovered in the deliverables during that period.

IT Outstaffing Model

In this model, you sign a contract with the software development company, fixing the amount you have to pay for their services. Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, app lover, technology savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz @Mobile App Development Company where you can Hire Mobile App Developer. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on app development. When it comes to any new business process, it can become quite difficult for the said company to scale the business and adapt to the changes. This is where the outsourcing models come into the rescue. It will make your business highly scalable and will help to imbibe and incorporate the market trends easily.

This is why many companies look into outsourcing IT services abroad. An outsourced team works autonomously, i.e. you do not need to manage it. As a rule, you just keep informed about the work progress. As for an outstaffed team, you are responsible for its management. An outstaffing model in software development is a progressive outstaff team response to a business request when it needs to solve narrow technical tasks, quickly expand the team, and address several other issues. A customer addresses a software development company and makes an application specifying what specialists, in what technology, for what time they need, and what tasks they want to solve.

What Is The Difference Between Outsourcing And Outstaffing?

Offshore development means you’re working with a team that resides in another country. For example, you live in Philadelphia, PA, and hire developers that live in Berlin, Germany, or Tallinn, Estonia. It’s the most convenient option on the list as you’re working with the team from your home country.

Or you’ve already opted for one of the models but want to know all about its pitfalls? Gathering an in-house development team makes sense when you have money or can attract the right specialists. Working with an augmented team means that management is done on your side.

This avoids logical errors and violations of recommendations. We will translate your ideas into intelligent and powerful solutions. And when Energen negotiated the contract to develop the scheduling and tracking software, it gave the supplier the copyright in exchange for a discount. Simple projects have pre-determined needs that are unlikely to change. Access to top talent, significant cost efficiencies, increased flexibility and scalability, speed to innovation, and no recruitment risk.

Because of this, your project will be created fast, efficiently, and with minimal changes. This team can play a significant role in uncovering business opportunities by helping a company understand new ways to use IT. But without such teams, companies often pay more than they should because suppliers are constantly trying to sell services or technologies that are not included in the basic contract.

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In a nutshell, fixed-price outsourcing contract means that you define the scope of work either with or without the help of the software development company. After that, the provider gradually builds the required solution. SaM Solutions is a long-standing provider of software development services.


In particular, if you live in the United States, you know how high software development prices are. In this regard, it’s much cheaper and more efficient to hire contractors from Eastern Europe or Asia, for example. Before you sign a contract with an information technology outsourcing company, you should choose a cooperation model. While types of IT outsourcing appeal to the geographical location only, the outsourcing business model defines the way you collaborate and the final goals of such a collaboration. Here are 3 most common IT outsourcing models and their pros&cons. An IT provider will take over the whole development process, with full responsibility for team organization and management, quality of the products, and accompanying risks.

Dedicated Team

For clarity, let’s introduce one more case – of outsourcing this time. Under the contract of outstaffing, employees receive a monthly salary. There are some more specific differences between the approaches. We’ll sum them up in the “Outsourcing and Outstaffing Business Models Comparison” section. Is a type of contracting when a third-party team or worker, being officially employed by another company, performs the work for a client. Especially if you’re on a tight budget or no company in your country fits your requirements.

A decent outstaffing company can quickly provide you with IT specialists that perfectly match your requirements. Either they can be picked up from its own rich talent pool or custom recruitment can be done. Thanks to advancements in technology we have made our daily life more comfortable and got numerous opportunities to make work collaboration extremely easy and efficient. For example, today multinational teams are the norm for most IT companies. In these terms, outstaffing enables companies not only to engage gems from different corners of the world but to avoid numerous hassles and save some money. Would you like to find out more about the IT outstaffing model?

Outsourcing web development allows you to find precisely those specialists your project needs by giving you access to a large pool of talented specialists. The ability to access intellectual capital is another reason why companies choose to outsource web and software development. The rise of new technology, of course, will change a company’s IT needs. In addition, whenever a company plans to move into a new market or faces potential changes in its existing market, its IT requirements may change. For just that reason, one organization we studied, the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail, decided to postpone outsourcing IT until Parliament voted on whether to privatize the postal service. We found that most systems that managers consider strategic actually are not.

How Does The Mechanism Of Starting Work In Any Company Of A Specialist From An Outstaffing Company Work?

In some cases, it can also be about improving productivity, getting a wider variety of options and being able to cater to a larger customer base. Offshore outsourcing is typically used for repetitive work that requires a high degree of specialization but doesn’t require intensive one-on-one communication. Agente’s team has successfully launched a crypto-tracking plug-in called Cointube.

Dedicated Team Model

However, there is one thing that is common for these two models. The client manages the project processes in both cases, but in different ways, depending on the model. At the same time, the client company assigns work and tasks. Thus, there is no need to look for performers for your lice company. Instead, this will be done by the outstaff company with which you agree on the project’s details and deadlines.

We usually turn to extending our team with offshore developers. The combination of these three methods will give you the best result — a service provider with the most relevant expertise, a positive track record and a work ethic that resonates with yours. Sites like Clutch, Goodfirms, DesignRush and similar will provide you with an idea of the company’s background, experience, expertise and client references. The vendor bills the client every month based on the agreed monthly rate of the team. The team is managed by the vendor’s PM, and the communication is done by the client’s and the vendor’s PMs.

Enterprises use this model in case they don’t have an internal IT department capable of the full cycle of software development. Saying that each of this IT outsourcing models variation has its own pros and cons would a whopping cliche. Those contracts are simply designed for different types of engagements. Each one or two of them fit some specific selection criteria. There are no trade-offs when you need to come up with the right choice of IT outsourcing models.

It also eliminates the complex process of communication in the form of hierarchy. However, the price of implementation, quality of services, end product delivery are often considered when hiring offshore developers. It might be preferable for small touch-ups, or maintenance after deploying the project successfully. The main difference between outsourcing and outstaffing is that outsourcing refers to the entire project support, while outstaffing provides hiring and maintenance of experts.

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