The Best Excuse For Calling In Sick

You can cite reasons like eviction or natural disasters like flooding and infernos. Therefore, your boss should definitely understand when you tell them that you’re dealing with gas leaks. Faulty electrical wiring and malfunctioning electrical equipment are a leading cause of home-related fires. That’s something no manager would want to have on their conscience. And the fact that blood donors are usually fatigued after the exercise makes this excuse all the more believable. These are the ailments employees are most likely to lie about to their bosses about, along with the percent of employees who said they would lie. Calling in sick may not always be an easy choice—but sometimes it’s the right choice.

valid reasons to call out of work

Being able to rely on your employees to come into work and be productive is necessary for your business to reach your goals. However, if some employees call in sick too much, it can cause problems, especially if you suspect they are not sick. Be sure to openly discuss the issue with the employee in question and have a sick leave policy in place. While it’s OK to take time off to look after your child, spouse or parent, your boss might not enjoy you staying off work for your aunt or the neighbor’s cat. Unless they are really sick, you don’t want to use distant relatives or friends as an excuse. Your best friend’s unsuccessful love life is also not really a valid reason to stay home.

How To Address Lateness In Employees

Children have a way of suddenly falling ill or requiring other special attention. You can also call your boss to let them know you suddenly had to move.

valid reasons to call out of work

Contact your employer as soon as you know you’ll be missing work. The sooner your employer knows you’ll be missing work, the more time they have to plan for your absence.

Root Canal Or Dental Issues

For example, some companies require employees to bring adoctor’s noteto prove that they were ill. A mental health day is a perfect excuse for staying out of work. However, it’s advisable to discuss your mental health day strictly with your boss or manager. Taking a mental health day is a perfectly valid reason to call off when working remotely. It can help you reset, refresh, and return to work ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Speaking of being sick, sometimes a trip to the doctor is in order. But even when you’re feeling just fine, you’ll still visit the doctor for an annual checkup, see the dentist twice a year, go to the eye doctor…you get the idea.

  • If your pet needs to go to emergency or is throwing up all over the house or having explosive poops everywhere, you need to stay home and care for them.
  • Your boss may ask you for more information, and if you feel comfortable, you may provide some details such as the family member affected.
  • Family emergencies are typically listed as an unexpected event or situation that affects the health and/or safety of direct family members (children, spouse, etc.).
  • Tell your manager as soon as you can about what’s happened, or have a friend or other family member let them know.

Don’t be afraid to tell your manager that you have to miss work to take care of these appointments since they are crucial to maintaining your health and wellbeing. Sorry for the late notice, but I woke up not feeling well this morning and will be taking a sick day to get better.


Knowing why an employee is taking sick leave will help you address the issue with them. Keep in mind that an employee does not have to disclose details about their illness if they don’t want to.

  • Explain to your boss that you have to address the problem immediately or it could get worse.
  • A company/boss will not want you in the office if you’re sick and possibly contagious.
  • You’re not trying to get fired, you’re just having a day off.
  • Being a working parent is tricky, this is especially true of historical times like in a pandemic.
  • Talking candidly about how to manage a migraine at work is one of the best ways to keep a great employee and a great job.
  • If you’re feeling even the slightest bit under the weather, it’s best not to spread a potential illness to your coworkers.

Is she looking for a way to attend her friend’s bachelorette party? Companies with time off policies that separate sick time from vacation time may encourage the use of paid sick time when employees aren’t sick. There may be a perception that they are “due” those days. If the policy allows valid reasons to call out of work 10 days, some employees may expect to get 10 days, no matter what. Federal law does not require employers to offer paid sick leave; however, many companies do offer paid time off for illness. Follow company policy and guidelines when there is a set protocol for calling out sick.

Employers don’t want to find themselves with an epidemic of illness spreading through the workplace because this seriously affects operations and productivity. If more than a couple of days are needed to recover, be prepared, as some employers require a doctor’s note. Employers usually have a set policy as to how many sick days are used before a doctor’s note is requested.

A Guide To Professionalism In The Workplace

If you don’t have an option to text or email when you aren’t actually sick, try calling your boss early in the morning or late the night before. Chances are, they won’t be available at this time and you can just leave a voicemail. If your company doesn’t offer sick leave, you can try and talk to your boss to see if you can work from home and get paid. Have you ever wondered, «how to call in sick to work?» Whether you’re actually sick, you’ve got a doctor’s appointment, or just need a personal day–you need to call. For example, avoid posting vacation photos if you gave a fake sick excuse. With the current pandemic, calling off work is okay, but you may be required to explain your absence. If you have a good excuse and if you inform your employer immediately, then they will be more understanding and considerate.

valid reasons to call out of work

You can be specific and say that you scheduled a health checkup or an eye exam, but you can also remain vague. Keep in mind that your boss may require you to verify the appointment with a doctor’s note. Car trouble If you rely on your car to get to work, you can say that your car is having trouble and you don’t feel comfortable driving it to work. Your boss should understand your personal safety concerns, and you can admit that you don’t know the source of the problem. Schools are closed If schools are closed in your area due to inclement weather and you have children, you can use the school closure as an excuse to get out of work. Tell your boss that you need to care for your kids and cannot find a last-minute babysitter.

The Difference Between Excused And Unexcused Employee Absenteeism

Igor is a SEO specialist, designer, and freelance writer. He believes that knowledge can change the world and be used to inspire and empower young people to build the life of their dreams. When he is not writing in his favorite coffee shop, Igor spends most of his time reading, traveling, producing house music, and capturing light with his camera. He is a sucker for good coffee, Indian food, and video games. The death of a cousin, uncle, aunt, or grandparent will work perfectly. That’s because the “deceased” isn’t closely related to you enough to make your boss want to get involved. But still, they’re family and you’ll need some time to mourn them.

  • However, if you habitually are late or absent because of transportation, your boss will likely start raising eyebrows and wonder if you’re being truthful.
  • It is best not to make up reasons that are unbelievable or cause a great concern, such as, ‘someone from your family just died’.
  • It also shows you are someone people rely on, and that makes everyone feel good.
  • Your boss may ask you to do them on the weekend, but you may not be able to get an appointment with a CPA then.

If you’re going to say that you’re sick, you don’t need to try to cough on the phone or sound miserable. Just be clear and direct, give the general excuse/reason that you’re going to use to miss work, and then stop talking and see how your boss responds. If you say you have a sick child, you don’t need to share every symptom as proof that they’re not feeling well. You don’t need to share every detail when you explain why you can’t come into your job for one day. These are all good reasons why you can’t go to work without you having to bring up health or other personal excuses. Still, the emergency dental or medical issue does come up, and sometimes you notice something that you’re anxious about and want to get checked as soon as possible. However, they’ll likely expect you to come in the next day, or at maximum, two days later.

But, unless you are a supermodel who has a shoot scheduled for Sports Illustrated’s upcoming swimsuit issue, your job is not to frolic in the sand. If the event is that important, you should know well ahead of time when it’s occurring. Instead of leaving co-workers hanging, schedule a day off in advance. Searching for a job while you have a job is something you may want to keep under your hat. And while it may be simple to have a virtual interview when you work remotely, you may still want to call off from work that day. Remote work often comes with a lot of flexibility in where, when, and how you work. And as the person with that level of flexibility, you may find yourself taking care of a sick family member.

  • That might be because they don’t think work can go on without them , they default to behaving like a martyr , or they think it’ll set them back at work , says Wakeman.
  • You can easily claim to have a house emergency and expect your boss to be nice about it.
  • But don’t lie about someone’s death – that’s just horrible and wrong on many levels.
  • Maybe the employee needs a schedule adjustment or accommodation based on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It’s understandable if this happens once, but it will reflect poorly on your preparedness if it happens multiple times. Even if you work remotely, powering through your work while sick will slow down your recovery and leave you less effective for a longer period of time. ” can elicit a deer-in-the-headlights reaction from job candidates if they are unprepared. It’s a broad question and can leave the interviewer.. And if your company uses the instant messaging service Slack. Or any other type of instant messaging service to communicate. Then send your manager or boss a direct message through that.

While not feeling well-rested can feel uncomfortable and lower your motivation level, this is not typically seen as a valid reason for missing work. Instead, consider the reason why you’re feeling tired.

A household emergency may include a leaky roof, a flooded basement, or a damaged electrical wiring. If a household emergency may need a lot of time or take a whole day to be resolved, then it will be better to take some time off to fix everything. Once it is fixed, you will no longer have to worry about it when you go back to work. «An employee told us that they accidentally put their roommate’s ‘shrooms’ in their morning omelette and wouldn’t be able to function for a couple of days.» Short of pulling a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – though someone’s probably tried it – restaurant staff have used someseriously impressive excuses to call out of work. Another option to cut down on employees calling out of work last minute is to create an employee attendance points system. Most restaurants have a pre-planned system in place for how to respond should they find themselves short-staffed last minute.

Whatever your religion—a religious event or day—especially those not formally recognized as a U.S. holiday, is a sure way to get out of work. After all, challenging an individual’s religious freedom can move towards true legal issues. Any solid employer will let you take a day or days off according to your individual needs and religious affiliation. A missing pet is just as bad as a sick pet, if not even more distressing. If your dog or cat ran away and you don’t know where to begin, just know it’s going to be a long, involving search. Letting your employer know that time is of the essence and you need to try to find your pet.

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